What is Yoga

Yoga Meditation

The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit (ancient Indo-Aryan language) word “yoke” or “union.”  It is the union of a person’s consciousness with the greater universal consciousness.

When people think of yoga, they often get the image of someone twisted into a pretzel.  That is only a very small part of yoga and one of many different styles.

Yoga is a holistic system of personal growth, which includes not just physical postures, but also a moral, loving and spiritual way of life.  It is a spiritual practice and not a religion, so it’s accessible to people from all faiths.  Yoga leads to a healthy body, quiets the mind and expands the spirit.  The goal of practicing yoga is to lead the student to self-knowledge of body, mind and spirit, and to maintain health and balance in all three.

Scholars estimate it is about 5,000 years old.  Over time, yogis achieved the balance of mind, body and spirit through exercise, breathing and meditation.  All three are part of the practice of yoga.