Using controlled and precise movements, all exercises are based on using our core and working from the inside out. You will feel not only your abdominals wake up and fire up, but strengthen and tone your back muscles, glutes, legs and arms.
Easy on the joints, and easily adaptable to all body types and health situations – the entire body will receive an energizing treat.

Personally, Pilates has changed my life - before Pilates I had knee problems and pain, which had greatly weakened my leg muscles.  After Pilates the pain went away and I was amazed at seeing my muscles being toned and strong again.


Various options available.  First online class freePricing details here.

Why I love Pilates:

  • Thanks to Pilates my knees problems & pain went away
  • I love that the exercises are simple yet extremely effective
  • Pilates is very easy to adapt to all levels
  • I have had a lot of positive feedback from students, saying that Pilates has helped them with joint, back and even teeth grinding issues.
  • I simply feel fantastic after a Pilates class 🙂
Pilates Plank Pose