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Meditation Peace
Meditation Calm
    • Do I sit or lie down for a SOMA session?

You can choose, as long as you are comfortable and relaxed.  However, a seated position will allow you to do the chin lock during breath holds with empty lungs (helps prevent inhalation, protects brain & eyes from pressure build up)

    • How do I contract the perineum/pelvic floor?

The perineum consists of the pelvic floor muscles that you would squeeze if you were trying to stop the stream of urine while on the toilet.

    • It is very difficult to hold my breath with empty lungs.  Is this normal?

Yes, it is difficult for most – especially if you are starting out.  With practice it will get easier.

    • During the breath hold, the sip of air in & out is not enough.

Make sure it is not a passive, soft sip of air.  It is strong & short, in & out!

    • What do I do if I have trouble following the rhythm of the breathing?

If you are new to SOMA, follow your rhythm, you will get used to the sessions and your daily breathing will become more efficient and correct, which in turn will make the SOMA sessions easier.  Main thing is:  make sure there is no pause between exhalation/inhalation and that the rhythm is smooth & consistent.

    • My thoughts won’t stop distracting me

This is also very common and normal.  Don’t worry about it.  Whenever a thought comes, try not to judge it or yourself.  Accept it, let it go, return to your breath.  A trick that helps is to return your attention to a particular place in the body and focus with 100% attention on this spot.