The class links breath with movement and flows from pose to pose. I teach a slower Vinyasa Flow than is traditional, in order to precisely align the body and feel into the pose.  With soft warm ups we prepare the body, with invigorating sun salutations we heat up, detox and stretch. Time is then taken to explore each pose individually, practicing mindfulness and awareness. Pranayama (breathing exercises) are covered in each class, as well as a brief relaxation at the end. This class strengthens as well as stretches the body, energizes and de-stresses and brings a sense of calm.


Various options available.  First online class free.   Pricing details here.

Why I love Yoga:

  • It is an amazing way to let go of stress and tensions (both physical and mental)
  • Yoga has helped me greatly improve my balance
  • After Yoga, I feel relaxed, yet at the same time refreshed
  • I have had lots of positive feedback from students, saying saying how much Yoga has helped them in their daily lives
  • Doing Yoga helps me quiet my mind
Yoga Tree Pose